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About Stole Woodcraft


Stole is my grandfathers family name, which he changed when he emigrated from Norway.  He was a teacher and was also a woodworker.  I only have a few examples of his work, but I treasure them as they are great examples of the traditional woodcraft of the late 19th century.

Stole Woodcraft, the company, is about using traditional skills and techniques to create beautiful and useful articles. It is in practice a one man shop but both my father and brother have participated in the company in the past. My brother is still an avid woodworker and we both work out of a small shop in Mission.

Bookend Carved by Ingebecht Johannessen

Bookend Carved by Ingebecht Johannessen

I hope to include on this site a little bit about sustainability and how I work, what happens to my wood waste and how and where I acquire my stock. For the time being I can say that I have very little waste, most going to garden mulch and heat for the shop. I don’t generally use exotic hardwoods, although I do have some which I saved from the land fill. I like to use local wood, some of which I have obtained through Pacific Sun Tree Services, some from local mills, and some from recycling. Of course, I am willing to design and build according to a clients requirements and some projects require woods not found locally or sheet products manufactured out of province.

About Me

I have been building things all my life and it has become one of the things I love to do.  I’ve worked on small projects while in the bush, working as a geologist, as well as built furniture in my spare time and between jobs.  What was a passion and a pastime has now become a second career.

The pieces shown in the photo gallery were built for myself, my wife, children, friends and family and finally now for clients.  I love the simple aesthetic of Shaker and Mission furniture which depends on careful selection of wood and the thoughtful use of proportion rather than ornamentation.

Douglas Johannessen